Random shit.


This year has been absolutely crazy. Graduating in May was one of my biggest accomplishments to date. The day after I was interning at Surfer Magazine, three months later I was on their payroll, and earlier this month they paid for me to come home to O'ahu. I've barely had any time to work on the website. (ALOHAVISUALS.COM)

The past few weeks I've worked up North, shooting Log Cabins, Off The Wall, Backdoor, Pipe, and Rockies. The footage will be shown on a Surfer Mag exclusive video: Amp Sessions. (Which will be online in 2-3 weeks)

I was lucky enough to get lined up with a news paper article about working at Surfer Mag. The article was titled "Kailua Boy Lands Dream Job." I want to thank Ron Mizutani for the beautiful words written about me and my Dad. However the title of it was, iono kinda weird..

I just wanted to take the time to thank my family,friends (my ohana) for all their love and support. I would be lost without them. I'm gonna try to post more on this site. I feel like if I keep saying it, I'll post more on the site.. post more on the site.. post more on the site.