Random shit.

QUIVERS with Dylan Graves

Every time I hang with Dylan, we always talk boards, equipment, fins, ect. So doing a Quivers piece on seemed very natural. He's a talented dude, and this is his quiver.

The Paradise Projects: PROJECT ONE

I've been collaborating with my friend Tanner Gudauskas on his website and video series that can be found here: This is Project One, shot all in Oceanside, CA. It's been really fun to work with Tanner. He's an amazing guy, and very talented both in and out of the water. Here's to collaborating with friends to create stuff! CHEERS!

This is Travis Reynolds

Travis is a surfboard shaper and artist from Santa Cruz, California. In the picture, he's holding an asym he's shaped called the Caddywhompus (I probably spelled that wrong.) He's one of my favorite "shape-everything-shapers." He's a rad dude, I was lucky enough to get a board from Travis. Check out his boards at


Local Icons: Joe Roper

Recent edit. Thanks Joe Roper for taking the time to show us around, and to Jojo Roper for helping with finding a few clips.

Freshwater Cowboys

I was lucky enough to go to Austin, Texas with Albee, Torrey, Todd, and Grant. I got to tag along to make a little video on the trip, and here it is.